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Safety & Sustainability

At Schmits, we value the world around us. We recognise the importance of a sustainable world and our potential impact on the environment, and we want to create the safest possible working conditions for our employees.

Everything that we do, we do with an eye for the world around us. Our R&D and laboratory staffs work daily on the (further) development of new and existing products to achieve optimal performance at an ecological and environmentally friendly level.

Because we want to contribute to a sustainable future, we are committed to the Responsible Care programme, which means that we constantly strive to improve our performance in terms of safety, health, environmental care and communication.

In recent decades, we have challenged ourselves to develop and offer as many environmentally friendly solutions as possible. That’s why all of our products are water-based and also free from bromine and antimony. All of our products comply with legal requirements in accordance with REACH.


One of our most important core values is quality. As a basis for this, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and we have our own quality laboratory, where every batch produced is rigorously quality controlled. To ensure safe working conditions for both employees and clients, the latest safety information sheets are always provided. In addition, all raw materials and finished products are stored in specialised compartments, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and divided into hazard classes. Our warehouse is equipped with advanced technology for the storage of all chemicals/raw materials with a valid shelf life, expiry date, correct labelling and warning symbols.

Certified for quality,
safety and sustainability.