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Textile offers endless possibilities and challenges. With our chemistry, we try to create added value.

Product portfolio

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Our BEMICOLL products enable the adhesion of two surfaces. This product range consists of compounds according to three main principles: pressure sensitive adhesives, wet laminating and thermoplastic laminating. In addition, we are also able to create products with the exact properties to meet your requirements.

Polymer Solutions
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The BEMIFIX product range consists of binders and includes VAC, V/ACR, ACR, PU and resin based polymers. These products form the key elements of a formulation and have a wide range of applications and characteristics, such as influencing the handle or dimensional stability of a typical material. The products can be used as a base- or top-coat or as a ready-to-use finish.

Flame Retardancy
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Our BEMIFLAME products make sure your substrate will be safer. We offer a selection of halogen & antimony free flame retardants, with a wide range of possible applications. Offering solutions to a diverse range of industries - such as the furniture, building, automotive and aircraft industry - our flame retardants meet the industry’s most common standards.

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To ensure your substrate rejects any kind of liquid, we have built up an extensive portfolio of BEMIGUARD products. Our products are based on the latest technologies such as C6 fluorocarbon chemistry and fluorine free products. Besides being used as a seperate product, we are also able to meet your requirements by providing a customized solution for the combination between a BEMIGUARD, BEMIFLAME and/or BEMIFIX product.

Specialty Coatings
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Our BEMICOAT product group contain our sophisticated products. These products have the ability to provide special features to the surface of a substrate, such as an anti-slip effect, an improved printability or protection against heat and liquids. BEMICOAT products can help you achieve unique selling points of the products you provide to your customers, so you will stay ahead in your market.

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By adding our ADDITIVES products, (y)our chemical solutions can be improved in terms of applicability and usability. The products available in this category include dispersing agents, lubricants, thickeners, wetting agents, foaming and defoaming agents, catalysts and anti-static agents.

  • Jurgen Bolscher
    Jurgen Bolscher Account Manager Technical Textiles & Industry
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    Michiel van Duijn | Coraltek Account Manager Technical Textiles
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    Ingo Seitz | BHI Account Manager Technical Textiles