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Research & Development

Every day, our R&D team works on the (further) development of new and existing products to achieve optimum performance at an ecological and environmentally friendly level.

Schmits believes in innovation! With our own R&D department, we have a wide variety of development and testing possibilities in-house. For example, we have a pilot plant for textile treatment where we can vary the process (from roll to roll) between point coating, knife over roll, knife over air, foam coating and padding. We have our own MSDS department and are able to provide upscaling support in the form of dispersing equipment/machinery. In addition, we can perform many different types of (indicative) test, such as fire retarding, water and oil repelling, water column and Martindale rating measurement. We enjoy good collaborations with universities, colleges and institutes, in which we participate in various projects, but we also offer students internships and work placements.

We offer efficient and client-oriented technical support for development requests and actively look for targeted tailor-made solutions – always focusing on properties and performance. Because we carry out the development ourselves, from start to finish, we can do this on a short time scale, making samples, technical documentation and MSDS’ quickly available.



Textiles offer various added values to a building because they are strong, moisture regulating, easy to shape and insulating. The aim of the Bouwtex project is to develop textile prototypes for use in reinforcing outside walls and constructing light, flexible inner walls. In order to create a complete prototype, Saxion and Hanze University of Groningen are working together with constructors, architects and textile coaters. Our role in this is the formulation and supply of the chemicals.

My Coat

Improving the soil with beneficial fungi – mycorrhizal fungi – encourages the sustainable growth of grass, increased production and better grass quality. We worked with Biomygreen and Barenbrug on this project in which we developed the coating based on organic raw materials, which not only enable the fungi to survive but also offer good contact properties on the seed and in the machine.


Denimtex is a circular wall and ceiling decoration, made from discarded clothing and/or organic-based textile fibres, such as old jeans. These materials are processed into decorative, soundproofing and durable wall coverings. Our contribution to this project is the supply of the specially developed adhesive that bonds the material to the wall or ceiling.

Intumescent fireproofing for textiles

The principle of intumescent fireproofing has long existed in the building industry as a so-called foam paint. This means that the paint turns to foam when exposed to fire and/or heat, protecting the underlying steel from heat, flames and oxygen, and thus delaying the collapse of a building. This has not yet been applied in the textile world, which is why we have developed two products that can be used on textiles to achieve the same effects.

Heat-resistant coatings

We are carrying out research and development of a special coating that reflects infrared heat radiation, so that the space behind the textile does not heat up too much. Possible applications include sunshades or tent material, which would keep tents cool even when standing in direct sunlight.

Recyclable polyester glue for carpets

The aim of this project is to use a waste product as a recyclable adhesive layer. This adhesive is based on polyester so when it is used to glue a polyester carpet, it means that everything can be recycled. On this project, we worked closely with another company, which developed the adhesive powder. We have since made it into a water-based coating that can be applied by end users.