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We are proud of our company and our history. Learn more about us below.

  • ISO14001 certificate

    ISO14001 certificate

    Since September 2018, we have also been ISO 14001 certified.

  • Factory expansion

    Factory expansion

    We needed more space and capacity so we constructed a new building with 9600 m³ of additional space, created extra storage capacity in the form of 750 extra pallet places and added a double loading dock and a separate shipping area. The future is also taken into account with room…

  • Schmits Chemical Solutions 2014 Almelo onroerend goed

    Premises purchased

    The management buy-out took place in 2007 but since 2014, the directors have also been the official owners of the business premises.

  • Change of name to Schmits Chemical Solutions

    Change of name to Schmits Chemical Solutions

    Although the textile and cleaning industries remain important areas of interest, we also increasingly supply tailor-made solutions and carry out contractual assignments for other industries, which are developed in close collaboration with the client. We have adapted the company’s strategy accordingly and present ourselves to the market as Schmits Chemical…

  • Management buy-out

    Management buy-out

    In 2007, Johan Schmits sold his shares in the company to Miechel Zweers (second from left), Jurgen Bolscher (front) and Frank Wienk (far right), pictured with a Rabobank Twente-East employee (far left). Miechel and Jurgen remain the directors of Schmits Chemical Solutions to this day.

  • ISO 9001 certificate

    ISO 9001 certificate

    In order to meet stringent but necessary quality standards, we obtained our ISO 9001 quality certificate in 1998.

  • Schmits Chemical Solutions 1994 Almelo nieuw pand

    New premises in Almelo

    Because the facilities in Weerselo had become too small, a new, modern factory was built in Almelo in 1994 with an adjoining office building, which enjoyed a grand opening.

  • Schmits Schmits Chemical Solutions Weerselo overname 1981

    Shares purchased by Johan Schmits

    In 1981, all shares in the company were purchased by Johan Schmits and it continued trading under the name Schmits Weerselo.

  • Schmits Chemical Solutions 1978 aanvulling reinigingsproducten

    Addition of cleaning products

    In 1978, a producer of cleaning agents was taken over. A welcome addition because the same raw materials could be used to make the cleaning products.

  • Schmits Chemical Solutions 1974 oprichting Weerselo

    Establishment in Weerselo

    In 1974, the company was established in Weerselo, as a chemicals producer and a supplier mainly to the textile industry in Twente.


We strive for proactive innovation of our products by always searching for new possibilities.


We consider it important that we take responsibility for our employees, our company and our products but also for the environment and our society.


We do what we say and we say what we do – we always stick to our agreements.


The combined result takes precedence over individual interests. We believe in targeted, long-term partnerships.


High-quality products and reliable services with only the best end results.


Critical of ourselves, our products and our performance. Being open to feedback and daring to ask critical questions.

Research & Development
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Research & Development
Every day, our R&D team works on the (further) development of new and existing products to achieve optimum performance at an ecological and environmentally friendly level.
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Safety & Sustainability
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Safety & Sustainability
At Schmits, we value the world around us. We recognise the importance of a sustainable world and our potential impact on the environment, and we want to create the safest possible working conditions for our employees.
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